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Strategic Designer

My Philosophy

I value the importance of communication and team work, which play a pivotal role in shaping outcomes. Strategic design has the potential to create strong brands, share stories effectively, and drive positive results. With a genuine passion for art and design, along with a solid background in business development and technologies within global enterprises, I am eager to explore collaborative opportunities for growth. Let's work together and see how we can achieve success collectively.

My Work

Visual Comm Design

Demonstrating proficiency in Photoshop, Illustrator, Figma and InDesign, with a spotlight on influential creations including website and apps design, Infographics, posters, logos, icons, etc.

Market Research

Market Research forms the bedrock upon which successful brand strategies are built, ensuring that every design element resonates with the target audience.


Harmonising brand consulting, digital marketing, and captivating design, impactful strategies are crafted to amplify brand presence and facilitate growth.

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Visual Comm Design

In the realm of visual communication design and branding, every project presents an opportunity to breathe life into ideas, transforming them into tangible, visual masterpieces. From conceptualising brand identities to crafting visually compelling collateral, I understand the pivotal role that design plays in establishing and reinforcing a brand's presence in the market.

This includes meticulous attention to brand guidelines, ensuring that every visual element aligns seamlessly with the brand's essence and message.

UX/UI Design

From the inception of the design concept, logo creation, selection of color schemes, typography, and the establishment of a distinctive branding concept, to the cohesive design of the website or applications using Figma, Photoshop and Illustrator.
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We recognise that infographic is not just information tools, but also brand ambassadors. We tailor client's design elements, such as color schemes, typography, and visual motifs, to harmonize with the brand's established identity. This cohesive visual language strengthens brand recognition and reinforces the brand's messaging across all communication channels.
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We optimise layouts for smooth reading, using margins and content placement for guidance. We begin with naming, logo creation, and holistic layout, ensuring a comprehensive approach.
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In crafting movie posters, we start by conceptualising  names and creating memorable design of the names, setting the tone for a cinematic experience. Our holistic approach to layout design incorporates strategic content placement and visuals.
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Visual Pun

Infuse the message with wit and charm through visual puns that transcend media boundaries. Blend elements seamlessly, creating a cool and amusing fusion that captivates diverse audiences with a delightful twist.


We prioritise seamless alignment with brand identity. We harness the power of simplicity for instant recognition. This fosters a strong connection with the audience and establishes a harmonious interface with the overarching brand.

Presenting a collection of icons showcasing the top 10 favorites for girls. These icons employ delicate, fine lines to exude femininity and elegance, reflecting the essence of the feminine experience.


In our work within book publishing, we are dedicated to crafting layouts that showcase the intricate details of each publication. Every page is designed to bring out the best in the content.

Other Works

Projects highlighting the mastery of Adobe tools like Photoshop and Illustrator. Immerse in a world of creativity and design excellence.
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From sketch to photo, all by Photoshop.
With at least 100 changes to create the apocalyptic scene.
Proposal of setting a Yayoi Kusama Exhibition in Greese.
Elephone with banana nose.

Market Research

Market research, brand building, and design are the cornerstones of effective brand consulting. Market Research forms the bedrock upon which successful brand strategies are built, ensuring that every design element resonates with the target audience. It synergies to create a comprehensive brand-building effect.
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Market research is indispensable for new businesses, providing vital insights that steer strategic decisions. By analysing market dynamics, consumer preferences, and industry trends, entrepreneurs can tailor their products and marketing strategies to resonate effectively with the target audience. Our research-driven approach minimizes risks, informs decision-making, and maximizes the potential to build a distinctive and customer-centric brand in a competitive business environment.
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Marketing Campaign

We collaborate closely with the client to co-create compelling strategies. We establish a robust visual hierarchy to spotlight crucial information and employ legible typography that harmonises with the design, facilitating clear message delivery.

Brainstorm with client closely to create the marketing campaign in which phase 1 to promote the features of the product, and, phase 2 to leverage a celebrity and limited edition gift to push selling.

Project Management

Project management is the organizational backbone that ensures every aspect of a brand initiative is executed seamlessly. It acts as the strategic enabler that bridges market research and new business development in brand consulting.

Brand Consulting

Through strategic design, we ensure your brand's voice resonates in the digital realm, driving engagement and success.In the realm of digital marketing, we harness the power of data-driven strategies to boost your online presence.

Our expert team crafts targeted campaigns that resonate with your audience, driving traffic and conversions. From Search Engine optimisation to social media engagement, we optimise your digital footprint for maximum impact.

We unite website and app design to empower your digital marketing and brand success. By crafting a user-friendly experience, we guide visitors seamlessly through your content.

With the close partnership with Creative Consulting Group, CCG, we provide one stop shop from business research, strategic design, asset management to brand and PR consulting.